Wednesday, December 22, 2010


ha. i figure nobody actually reads this so I'm just gonna vent for a bit...

so... i feel like the only one left now... in multiple ways. the only one left in school (going to be), the only one who actually posts on their blog... the only one who's completely clueless and doesn't know how to deal with people...the only one who can't seem to decide...  the only one who can't DO anything ABOUT anything... the only one who can't catch up...

it seems like everyone is just trying to confuse me and  say things that throw me off.

they say one thing then act totally different.

it just leaves me standing there wondering what the heck is happening??

so... i've decided. im just gonna ignore it all. and live my life and just RUN until I catch up or they slow down and i can FINALLY figure everything out. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


hehe yesyes it's time!! only about 2 more weeks til christmas!

so yess its time to make a wishlist!! ok there's a reason its called a WISHlist ...mostly because most of the things on here are things that i can't have/afford TT~TT so... *sniff* but whatever!! here it is! 

Mia’s Wishlist
1) Adida's Originals bu Originals Jeremy Scott Winged Fleece Sweatshirt        ---------------------->
2) itouch....or ipad either one ;P
3) a studio microphone
4) usb piano leyboard
5) some dancing skillz =~=;;
6) a singing teacher ( the first time i typed this i missed the "g" cuz my hands were to cold... sining teacher o_o;;;;;;
7) pretty much everything on yesstyle...
8) some rock awesome caps
9) permission to go back to Taiwan (there's still hope for this one)
10) to be able to have an awesome traveling experience with my closest friends... (you know who you are)
11) YG worthy talents >.> hu~

there's so much more but I'll just leave it at 11 for now... i dont know why but 11 seems like a lucky number ;P

I'm tagging anyone who reads this (it'll be a meager number i know... /__\) 
tell me your christmas wishes! who knows? maybe someone can helpp you with  it ^^
Happy Holidayss!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

wait...mia makes JEWELRY?!?!!?!?

why yesss, yes i do...

never said it was good jewelry but at least it's something, right?  ;P

I'm only posting 2 of them right now b/c i lent the others out to some people cuz i thought i wasn't going to do anything with them....but well, here i am trying to do a blog post about it ^^ hehe  

they're all made from scraps and things that i just found around my house ;P so...
no money was spent! kekeke (satisfies my inner asian thriftiness)

 the first is a just a beaded chain bracelet

 just so you know; i made the WHOLE bracelet, chain included (aluminum wire)i got the idea (and wire) from my friend who was making jewelry for a project but she didn't have beads on hers.
and when i ran out of wire i used paper clips to keep the beads on. 

the second item is a ribbon bow ring 

a lot of people seemed to like this so i'm pretty happy about it (BOW POWER!!!)
its just ribbon and string, and i sewed them by hand so it was a bit time consuming, but i feel like if i used a machine i'd accidentally sew it to my finger >~<

safety first? keke so waddya think?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!..."hope you all wore your food pants" ;P

haha i actually stole that from Everybody Loves of the best tv shows ever...

Just take a moment and give thanks for something! whether you believe in God or not just take a few seconds and make a list of 3 things that you're thankful for, here's mine!

1) Ice cream
2) chocolate
3) MY UNBELIEVABLE FRIENDS!!! i love you guys so much. I'm so grateful God gave me such wonderful people to be in my life <3 

Yeah, so i actually made dinner this year :O 
it was so fun...and tiring ;b . i burned myself on the oven though :\ 
Oddly enough, my least favorite part of thanksgiving is the dinner....i don't actually think the foods all that good. But somehow i kind of feel obligated to just keep stuffing food down my throat, that actually happens with everything for me. if something is put in front of me I'll automatically just have to do something with it...
I'm trying to fix that .

Thanksgiving Menu
~green bean casserole
~candied yams
~er...more yams (made by sister)
~some asian stuff
~ice cream ;P

annnd! song of the day Life of a Man original by Joseph Vincent.

Decisions to be made, that's the life of a girl
faced with insecurities, she's covered by a shade tree, a hidden pearl
she can make it on her own, that's the life of a girl
Independent, strong, and smart but yet she hasn't had the chance to let
her love unfurl...♪♫ ♥

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is....... ???

it feels like its been so long since i've been on here! and so much m=nothing-ness has happened ;P  

yeahhh reviews ...i know, i said that a month ago... I PROMISE reviews coming up. i figured out the whole youtube thing...(so much for asian smarts =____=) 

mmmm theres nothing to say but LIFE IS CONFUSING. It's so ridiculous that it doesn't seem real half the time. it's like nothing makes sense anymore, and you just wish you could go back to the days where the only things people expected from you was for you to eat, sleep, cry, and poop.  

i wish i could just hear understand why people do the things they do... or why they feel the things they feel. It's like asking someone why they write with a particular hand, you can't explain it. it just happens. 

so why do people.....?
why do people do anything? havent you ever done something and asked yourself "waad the heckk? why did i just do that????" 

>~< stupid philisophical thoughts, i annoy myself ... hu~ 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life in the Insane Asylum...

People are scary... 

In my life i haven't even found ONE person in my life who I could trust, who could REALLY trust with my whole heart. and it's sad, but it's true. one day you could be someone's friend, the next day you're like complete strangers.

When you decide to interact with someone you're already giving them pieces of yourself. bit by bit. no matter how much you keep locked up inside you, and you can't help losing it when they decide to just leave you. It's terrifying.

Don't get me wrong. i love my friends, always, whether they love me back or not, and whether they still think the'y're my friend or not, I'll always love them.

but "friends forever" isn't always a guaranteed thing, maybe it might be with me, but not with them. I know i'm never actually alone, and that i always have my God with me ^^ but the days that i forget... its like everyone else is in the real world and i'm stuck in the insane asylum banging my head against the walls over and over again wondering who is ever actually going to hear me...

Friday, October 29, 2010


Have you ever wondered what everyone really thought about you? 

wondered if everything they said was truthful or wondered if every smile or laugh they gave you was real? 
I have... i do. 
I wonder if those little statuses on blogs and facebook are about me. 
I wonder if they laugh at me or say bad things about me behind my back like other kids they talk about. 
I wonder if i'm annoying them or saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, being the wrong things...
People always say that "It doesn't matter what they think, it only matters what you think" but is that really how it is?
sometimes you can't help but feel that way, when you feel like you can't trust anybody...

On the flip side...

when you think about those things, it reminds you about the things you might have done to other people.
I always try to accept people for who they are. 
I don't have a problem with differences
 but when people are bothering you,
when they're characters are just not agreeable to you, what do you do?

There is someone close to me, who i love very much as a person but i can't handle as a companion. let's say it's a girl. People are always talking about her and sometimes i find even find myself starting to say things about her, or i find myself trying to distance myself from her and joining into jokes about her, and then i realize what i've done and it kills me.

SO im in this club and it's called WALK IN LOVE and i really loved the name because God is LOVE and to walk in love is to walk in HIM. but when you really think about it, are you always walking in love?

so... here's to a new me. i'll do everything in my power to accept everybody for WHO THEY ARE NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO or HOW THEY DO IT. i will NOT join in jeers or jokes or sneers about ANYBODY. I will LOVE. i will ALWAYS WALK IN LOVE.

Monday, October 25, 2010

it never rains when you want it to...

good/ bad day... long story short. 
good= caffeine high
bad= crassshh

oh and youtube wont let me upload videos unless i wait 6 hours so... the whole review thing is gonna take a while =__=

attempting verbal silence tomorrow ^^ not sure how its gonna work out but it shouldn't be that hard. talking isn't a necessity for me anyways.

*please excuse the incomplete/short thoughts i didn't fell complete today ;P

i just made a sad decision, i'm not going to homecoming, i'm not sure how i really feel about it yet... but my heart is hurting and racing at the same time?

everything is so bipolar today...

songs of the day~  Drops of Jupiter- Train
                                 Humble Me- Norah Jones ( title )

Sunday, October 10, 2010

bowling balls, pool balls, and... Mcflurries??

oh my goodness, FUNNEST DAY. I went bowling with my church buddies + some chinese exchange students (they're ALL guys! i was like wth??) which i can proudly say are pretty much my buddies now too ^-^. i brought my camera with me but umm... i forgot to take pictures??? =___= yes yes i know FAIL on my part but i'll get pictures of the exchange students later haha i know that's what your waiting for ;P. but anyways...  

We stopped at Mickey D's on the way and, i...don't eat Mcdonalds? so i had bread and an apple hehe and a Mcflurry. Ice cream and fries are the only two things i will eat at MD.
Speaking of which, we then won 2 free med. fries with the whole monopoly game thingy ahaha and free fries always taste better RIGHT??

I'm not gonna lie, i suck at bowling. I can (and unfortunately have) gotten my bowling ball in the gutter... WITH BUMPERS!!!! uhmm so i guess you could say today was a good day for me? i got at 2 strikes and 3 spares....miracle 1.

and then i "played pool".... heh.. right.
We had 1 of the exchange students playing with us so we had 2 guys and 2 girls, and of course both the guys are amazing pool players and we....are not.
so we split up and my was getting OWNED >< but the CE (chinese exchange) guy shot the 8 ball in (on purpose?) and we won kekeke. miracle 2.

ahaaahhh so much to write so little time, updates tomorrow? 

seriously, i have vid reviews coming up ( circle lens, BB cream)

Friday, October 8, 2010

nooby FIRST post!! ^________^

OK I'm not going to waste time trying to introduce myself cuz you'll never get the full effect without i just honestly don't feel like doing in right now XD. JUST READ THE ABOUT ME BOX!! DON'T BE LAZY! only pandas are allowed to be lazy. Why? because they're cute ^__^

The main purpose of this blog is basically just to share a bit of my life and maybe give you someone to relate to...maybe possibly...
I'm actually really interested in fashion/ beauty and that sort of thing but i seriously don't wear that much make up everyday. It's pretty much just chapstick and mascara (concealer if needed ><) . Aaaannnd im not particularly fashionable, i mean it's not like i can't dress right but most of what i get are hand-me-downs, HOWEVER these HMDs are from some seriously fashionable people ;P. i got a pair of Versace pants once o__o ...i know. 

But even with these complications i can't help being interested i LOVE love love frmheadtotoe and mszjackiechu they're pretty much... *lost for words* check them out! and fashion wise yesstyle wins my love... i've only bought one shirt from them tho because of my asian thriftiness ><  see it here. and it was on like the last day of this major sale so i bought it! 

So BOTTOM LINE this blog is going to show how i evolve through time in terms of fashion and cosmetics. I'll TRY to do reviews and tutorials and when i say "try" i mean do everything i possibly can cuz stuff is pricey and i have no munnies =[


So, i've just started the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and it's basically talking about our relationship with God and how each and everyday it should be like falling in love with our Creator. Such a good book so far...
 speaking of our Creator....oh my goodness today is SUCH a beautiful day. i'm not even kidding, it's not too warm and not to cold, the sky is blue, the sun is pretty much the perfect light/ color, and it's that early autumn time where the trees are still green and full of life but you can see just a tinge of color at the tops.... beautiful. God is so awesome words can't express... *sits in awe*

*yawn* im sleepy i wanna take a nap. nighty night guys ^-^

youtube channel is up (but no videos; did i mention i do song covers?? oh. well i do ^^) circle lens review coming soon!

<3 puhi~