Friday, October 29, 2010


Have you ever wondered what everyone really thought about you? 

wondered if everything they said was truthful or wondered if every smile or laugh they gave you was real? 
I have... i do. 
I wonder if those little statuses on blogs and facebook are about me. 
I wonder if they laugh at me or say bad things about me behind my back like other kids they talk about. 
I wonder if i'm annoying them or saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, being the wrong things...
People always say that "It doesn't matter what they think, it only matters what you think" but is that really how it is?
sometimes you can't help but feel that way, when you feel like you can't trust anybody...

On the flip side...

when you think about those things, it reminds you about the things you might have done to other people.
I always try to accept people for who they are. 
I don't have a problem with differences
 but when people are bothering you,
when they're characters are just not agreeable to you, what do you do?

There is someone close to me, who i love very much as a person but i can't handle as a companion. let's say it's a girl. People are always talking about her and sometimes i find even find myself starting to say things about her, or i find myself trying to distance myself from her and joining into jokes about her, and then i realize what i've done and it kills me.

SO im in this club and it's called WALK IN LOVE and i really loved the name because God is LOVE and to walk in love is to walk in HIM. but when you really think about it, are you always walking in love?

so... here's to a new me. i'll do everything in my power to accept everybody for WHO THEY ARE NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO or HOW THEY DO IT. i will NOT join in jeers or jokes or sneers about ANYBODY. I will LOVE. i will ALWAYS WALK IN LOVE.


  1. mmm very true. these kinds of thoughts always float around in my head.
    people are confusing. that's all i can say.
    I love you very much mei han :) <3 that's what i want you to know.