Wednesday, December 22, 2010


ha. i figure nobody actually reads this so I'm just gonna vent for a bit...

so... i feel like the only one left now... in multiple ways. the only one left in school (going to be), the only one who actually posts on their blog... the only one who's completely clueless and doesn't know how to deal with people...the only one who can't seem to decide...  the only one who can't DO anything ABOUT anything... the only one who can't catch up...

it seems like everyone is just trying to confuse me and  say things that throw me off.

they say one thing then act totally different.

it just leaves me standing there wondering what the heck is happening??

so... i've decided. im just gonna ignore it all. and live my life and just RUN until I catch up or they slow down and i can FINALLY figure everything out. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


hehe yesyes it's time!! only about 2 more weeks til christmas!

so yess its time to make a wishlist!! ok there's a reason its called a WISHlist ...mostly because most of the things on here are things that i can't have/afford TT~TT so... *sniff* but whatever!! here it is! 

Mia’s Wishlist
1) Adida's Originals bu Originals Jeremy Scott Winged Fleece Sweatshirt        ---------------------->
2) itouch....or ipad either one ;P
3) a studio microphone
4) usb piano leyboard
5) some dancing skillz =~=;;
6) a singing teacher ( the first time i typed this i missed the "g" cuz my hands were to cold... sining teacher o_o;;;;;;
7) pretty much everything on yesstyle...
8) some rock awesome caps
9) permission to go back to Taiwan (there's still hope for this one)
10) to be able to have an awesome traveling experience with my closest friends... (you know who you are)
11) YG worthy talents >.> hu~

there's so much more but I'll just leave it at 11 for now... i dont know why but 11 seems like a lucky number ;P

I'm tagging anyone who reads this (it'll be a meager number i know... /__\) 
tell me your christmas wishes! who knows? maybe someone can helpp you with  it ^^
Happy Holidayss!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

wait...mia makes JEWELRY?!?!!?!?

why yesss, yes i do...

never said it was good jewelry but at least it's something, right?  ;P

I'm only posting 2 of them right now b/c i lent the others out to some people cuz i thought i wasn't going to do anything with them....but well, here i am trying to do a blog post about it ^^ hehe  

they're all made from scraps and things that i just found around my house ;P so...
no money was spent! kekeke (satisfies my inner asian thriftiness)

 the first is a just a beaded chain bracelet

 just so you know; i made the WHOLE bracelet, chain included (aluminum wire)i got the idea (and wire) from my friend who was making jewelry for a project but she didn't have beads on hers.
and when i ran out of wire i used paper clips to keep the beads on. 

the second item is a ribbon bow ring 

a lot of people seemed to like this so i'm pretty happy about it (BOW POWER!!!)
its just ribbon and string, and i sewed them by hand so it was a bit time consuming, but i feel like if i used a machine i'd accidentally sew it to my finger >~<

safety first? keke so waddya think?