Wednesday, December 22, 2010


ha. i figure nobody actually reads this so I'm just gonna vent for a bit...

so... i feel like the only one left now... in multiple ways. the only one left in school (going to be), the only one who actually posts on their blog... the only one who's completely clueless and doesn't know how to deal with people...the only one who can't seem to decide...  the only one who can't DO anything ABOUT anything... the only one who can't catch up...

it seems like everyone is just trying to confuse me and  say things that throw me off.

they say one thing then act totally different.

it just leaves me standing there wondering what the heck is happening??

so... i've decided. im just gonna ignore it all. and live my life and just RUN until I catch up or they slow down and i can FINALLY figure everything out. 


  1. meh! i still read and comment mei han! :) don't worry.. i feel like no one read my blogs >< blegh. ah. the wonderful feeling of confusion-NOT ><

  2. I still read your blog! but i am guilty of not posting.
    Life is such a rush yo. :P

  3. POKE. MIA~ Believe me, you're not the only one who gets totally confused and lost >.> Same here, same here... But we have each other :D So, it'll be okay, I'll always come back for you. <3