Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!..."hope you all wore your food pants" ;P

haha i actually stole that from Everybody Loves of the best tv shows ever...

Just take a moment and give thanks for something! whether you believe in God or not just take a few seconds and make a list of 3 things that you're thankful for, here's mine!

1) Ice cream
2) chocolate
3) MY UNBELIEVABLE FRIENDS!!! i love you guys so much. I'm so grateful God gave me such wonderful people to be in my life <3 

Yeah, so i actually made dinner this year :O 
it was so fun...and tiring ;b . i burned myself on the oven though :\ 
Oddly enough, my least favorite part of thanksgiving is the dinner....i don't actually think the foods all that good. But somehow i kind of feel obligated to just keep stuffing food down my throat, that actually happens with everything for me. if something is put in front of me I'll automatically just have to do something with it...
I'm trying to fix that .

Thanksgiving Menu
~green bean casserole
~candied yams
~er...more yams (made by sister)
~some asian stuff
~ice cream ;P

annnd! song of the day Life of a Man original by Joseph Vincent.

Decisions to be made, that's the life of a girl
faced with insecurities, she's covered by a shade tree, a hidden pearl
she can make it on her own, that's the life of a girl
Independent, strong, and smart but yet she hasn't had the chance to let
her love unfurl...♪♫ ♥

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is....... ???

it feels like its been so long since i've been on here! and so much m=nothing-ness has happened ;P  

yeahhh reviews ...i know, i said that a month ago... I PROMISE reviews coming up. i figured out the whole youtube thing...(so much for asian smarts =____=) 

mmmm theres nothing to say but LIFE IS CONFUSING. It's so ridiculous that it doesn't seem real half the time. it's like nothing makes sense anymore, and you just wish you could go back to the days where the only things people expected from you was for you to eat, sleep, cry, and poop.  

i wish i could just hear understand why people do the things they do... or why they feel the things they feel. It's like asking someone why they write with a particular hand, you can't explain it. it just happens. 

so why do people.....?
why do people do anything? havent you ever done something and asked yourself "waad the heckk? why did i just do that????" 

>~< stupid philisophical thoughts, i annoy myself ... hu~ 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life in the Insane Asylum...

People are scary... 

In my life i haven't even found ONE person in my life who I could trust, who could REALLY trust with my whole heart. and it's sad, but it's true. one day you could be someone's friend, the next day you're like complete strangers.

When you decide to interact with someone you're already giving them pieces of yourself. bit by bit. no matter how much you keep locked up inside you, and you can't help losing it when they decide to just leave you. It's terrifying.

Don't get me wrong. i love my friends, always, whether they love me back or not, and whether they still think the'y're my friend or not, I'll always love them.

but "friends forever" isn't always a guaranteed thing, maybe it might be with me, but not with them. I know i'm never actually alone, and that i always have my God with me ^^ but the days that i forget... its like everyone else is in the real world and i'm stuck in the insane asylum banging my head against the walls over and over again wondering who is ever actually going to hear me...