Monday, November 1, 2010

Life in the Insane Asylum...

People are scary... 

In my life i haven't even found ONE person in my life who I could trust, who could REALLY trust with my whole heart. and it's sad, but it's true. one day you could be someone's friend, the next day you're like complete strangers.

When you decide to interact with someone you're already giving them pieces of yourself. bit by bit. no matter how much you keep locked up inside you, and you can't help losing it when they decide to just leave you. It's terrifying.

Don't get me wrong. i love my friends, always, whether they love me back or not, and whether they still think the'y're my friend or not, I'll always love them.

but "friends forever" isn't always a guaranteed thing, maybe it might be with me, but not with them. I know i'm never actually alone, and that i always have my God with me ^^ but the days that i forget... its like everyone else is in the real world and i'm stuck in the insane asylum banging my head against the walls over and over again wondering who is ever actually going to hear me...


  1. POKE. you know I love you ^^ Trust me, I won't leave but I know how you feel. >< <3

  2. I'll be here forver lol, just so you know

  3. Aw :[ I'm here! But yea, I'm scary. LOL. Yesyes, God is everyone's bffl.

  4. aw mannn, why was i signed on on the wrong account? grrr. >.<