Monday, February 21, 2011

台湾 yep, taiwan (day 1)

sooo i guess i should probably tell you about my trip huh? hehe just kidding i know you don't care that much i'm just a proud parent (ahem....not a parent) who wants to show you the pictures of my baby (no baby!...unless you count domo) ;P

so im gonna do the posts by days cuz i want to get it all organized hehe so here's...

Day 1 ...getting there + a little (get ready to scroll people!!)

The blizzard was just starting we were about halfway to the airport.

our massive amount of stuff...
United Airlines to Chigaco  7:35 on time yeshh
ahaha my momm packed us a carry on i was like "really?" *opens* FULL OF FOOD ;P
....... people with balance problems..... please use elevators. hm

even the airlines... this is ssad
goodbye lanc pa, cant say ill miss you much... the people in it however...
our plane in Chicago, i looked out the window and saw this guy out there i was like "that looks safe"
my parents.. mom was taking a nap
 domo and i in chicago i tried to sleep but it didnt work.
then from chicago we took a 14 hr flight to narita japan where my camera died on landing ..... 
and then we got to taiwan and went to my uncles house where they had these tiny oranges which you just pop into your mouth peels and all.... they were yummy ;9 this little pile was pretty much gone in the morning hehe ^^
ok one thing you need to know about taiwan before you go there the  showers are either with a tub, and with the bottom of the tub about a foot off the ground; or with no tub at all and just with a drain under it. but the great thing is... the hot water never runs out ;P

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ommmm 好久不見!!!

wwooOOOwww its been SO long since i've posted ;P 

well Taiwan was............* lack of words to describe* <3 <3 *sigh*  thinking about it kind of makes me wish i wasn't in america....except i'd miss my friends >< arrrgghh

which leads me to the next subject... there is virtually NOTHING to do with friends here esp if you dont have wheels..... you can eat food..... and thats pretty much it.... hu~ sososso we have this field trip to DC during the cherry blossom festival and i SOOSOSOSOS wanted to go............ stupid parents..... i actually wanted to GO SOMEWHERE with my friends, actually DOING something ..........DARRRGGHHH!!! *angrysadfrustratedstressfilled tears* TTnTT

i made new stuff (jewelry) new stuff.... so idk look forward to that..or dont look forward to it cuz there might not be a post cuz my camera's dead....... beeehh

so... to end this sucky post i have to state that i have massive CMC and taiwan withdrawal in the past.. not a good thing but o well

oh by the way i forgot to mention im- ..we are- school breakdance team is dancing in  the school pep rally...... disaster waiting to happen ....wish us luck >~<