Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is....... ???

it feels like its been so long since i've been on here! and so much m=nothing-ness has happened ;P  

yeahhh reviews ...i know, i said that a month ago... I PROMISE reviews coming up. i figured out the whole youtube thing...(so much for asian smarts =____=) 

mmmm theres nothing to say but LIFE IS CONFUSING. It's so ridiculous that it doesn't seem real half the time. it's like nothing makes sense anymore, and you just wish you could go back to the days where the only things people expected from you was for you to eat, sleep, cry, and poop.  

i wish i could just hear understand why people do the things they do... or why they feel the things they feel. It's like asking someone why they write with a particular hand, you can't explain it. it just happens. 

so why do people.....?
why do people do anything? havent you ever done something and asked yourself "waad the heckk? why did i just do that????" 

>~< stupid philisophical thoughts, i annoy myself ... hu~ 

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  1. LOL poop??? oh Mia, you're funny! I'm not a pervert -.-'' Yes. Life is confusing...but think of it as a roller coaster! It's full of ups and downs! you don't know what is coming...but you can enjoy the experience...(be optimistic guess?) no matter how bad or good it is ;D