Tuesday, December 14, 2010


hehe yesyes it's time!! only about 2 more weeks til christmas!

so yess its time to make a wishlist!! ok there's a reason its called a WISHlist ...mostly because most of the things on here are things that i can't have/afford TT~TT so... *sniff* but whatever!! here it is! 

Mia’s Wishlist
1) Adida's Originals bu Originals Jeremy Scott Winged Fleece Sweatshirt        ---------------------->
2) itouch....or ipad either one ;P
3) a studio microphone
4) usb piano leyboard
5) some dancing skillz =~=;;
6) a singing teacher ( the first time i typed this i missed the "g" cuz my hands were to cold... sining teacher o_o;;;;;;
7) pretty much everything on yesstyle...
8) some rock awesome caps
9) permission to go back to Taiwan (there's still hope for this one)
10) to be able to have an awesome traveling experience with my closest friends... (you know who you are)
11) YG worthy talents >.> hu~

there's so much more but I'll just leave it at 11 for now... i dont know why but 11 seems like a lucky number ;P

I'm tagging anyone who reads this (it'll be a meager number i know... /__\) 
tell me your christmas wishes! who knows? maybe someone can helpp you with  it ^^
Happy Holidayss!!!

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