Friday, December 3, 2010

wait...mia makes JEWELRY?!?!!?!?

why yesss, yes i do...

never said it was good jewelry but at least it's something, right?  ;P

I'm only posting 2 of them right now b/c i lent the others out to some people cuz i thought i wasn't going to do anything with them....but well, here i am trying to do a blog post about it ^^ hehe  

they're all made from scraps and things that i just found around my house ;P so...
no money was spent! kekeke (satisfies my inner asian thriftiness)

 the first is a just a beaded chain bracelet

 just so you know; i made the WHOLE bracelet, chain included (aluminum wire)i got the idea (and wire) from my friend who was making jewelry for a project but she didn't have beads on hers.
and when i ran out of wire i used paper clips to keep the beads on. 

the second item is a ribbon bow ring 

a lot of people seemed to like this so i'm pretty happy about it (BOW POWER!!!)
its just ribbon and string, and i sewed them by hand so it was a bit time consuming, but i feel like if i used a machine i'd accidentally sew it to my finger >~<

safety first? keke so waddya think?

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  1. as i told you already, I LOVE THEM! :) all amazing ;)