Friday, October 8, 2010

nooby FIRST post!! ^________^

OK I'm not going to waste time trying to introduce myself cuz you'll never get the full effect without i just honestly don't feel like doing in right now XD. JUST READ THE ABOUT ME BOX!! DON'T BE LAZY! only pandas are allowed to be lazy. Why? because they're cute ^__^

The main purpose of this blog is basically just to share a bit of my life and maybe give you someone to relate to...maybe possibly...
I'm actually really interested in fashion/ beauty and that sort of thing but i seriously don't wear that much make up everyday. It's pretty much just chapstick and mascara (concealer if needed ><) . Aaaannnd im not particularly fashionable, i mean it's not like i can't dress right but most of what i get are hand-me-downs, HOWEVER these HMDs are from some seriously fashionable people ;P. i got a pair of Versace pants once o__o ...i know. 

But even with these complications i can't help being interested i LOVE love love frmheadtotoe and mszjackiechu they're pretty much... *lost for words* check them out! and fashion wise yesstyle wins my love... i've only bought one shirt from them tho because of my asian thriftiness ><  see it here. and it was on like the last day of this major sale so i bought it! 

So BOTTOM LINE this blog is going to show how i evolve through time in terms of fashion and cosmetics. I'll TRY to do reviews and tutorials and when i say "try" i mean do everything i possibly can cuz stuff is pricey and i have no munnies =[


So, i've just started the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and it's basically talking about our relationship with God and how each and everyday it should be like falling in love with our Creator. Such a good book so far...
 speaking of our Creator....oh my goodness today is SUCH a beautiful day. i'm not even kidding, it's not too warm and not to cold, the sky is blue, the sun is pretty much the perfect light/ color, and it's that early autumn time where the trees are still green and full of life but you can see just a tinge of color at the tops.... beautiful. God is so awesome words can't express... *sits in awe*

*yawn* im sleepy i wanna take a nap. nighty night guys ^-^

youtube channel is up (but no videos; did i mention i do song covers?? oh. well i do ^^) circle lens review coming soon!

<3 puhi~

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  1. hehe mei han i <3 you!!! :D i love your blog already!! :D so pretty and neat... im planning on updating my blog more often now :) we should do a blog buddy group thingy and stuff!! :D tehehe