Monday, October 25, 2010

it never rains when you want it to...

good/ bad day... long story short. 
good= caffeine high
bad= crassshh

oh and youtube wont let me upload videos unless i wait 6 hours so... the whole review thing is gonna take a while =__=

attempting verbal silence tomorrow ^^ not sure how its gonna work out but it shouldn't be that hard. talking isn't a necessity for me anyways.

*please excuse the incomplete/short thoughts i didn't fell complete today ;P

i just made a sad decision, i'm not going to homecoming, i'm not sure how i really feel about it yet... but my heart is hurting and racing at the same time?

everything is so bipolar today...

songs of the day~  Drops of Jupiter- Train
                                 Humble Me- Norah Jones ( title )

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