Sunday, October 10, 2010

bowling balls, pool balls, and... Mcflurries??

oh my goodness, FUNNEST DAY. I went bowling with my church buddies + some chinese exchange students (they're ALL guys! i was like wth??) which i can proudly say are pretty much my buddies now too ^-^. i brought my camera with me but umm... i forgot to take pictures??? =___= yes yes i know FAIL on my part but i'll get pictures of the exchange students later haha i know that's what your waiting for ;P. but anyways...  

We stopped at Mickey D's on the way and, i...don't eat Mcdonalds? so i had bread and an apple hehe and a Mcflurry. Ice cream and fries are the only two things i will eat at MD.
Speaking of which, we then won 2 free med. fries with the whole monopoly game thingy ahaha and free fries always taste better RIGHT??

I'm not gonna lie, i suck at bowling. I can (and unfortunately have) gotten my bowling ball in the gutter... WITH BUMPERS!!!! uhmm so i guess you could say today was a good day for me? i got at 2 strikes and 3 spares....miracle 1.

and then i "played pool".... heh.. right.
We had 1 of the exchange students playing with us so we had 2 guys and 2 girls, and of course both the guys are amazing pool players and we....are not.
so we split up and my was getting OWNED >< but the CE (chinese exchange) guy shot the 8 ball in (on purpose?) and we won kekeke. miracle 2.

ahaaahhh so much to write so little time, updates tomorrow? 

seriously, i have vid reviews coming up ( circle lens, BB cream)

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