Saturday, January 15, 2011

mm song?

ermm so yeah i guess i did some song writing ;\ and basically the whole reason i'm posting this is because it needs a title heh heh so.... er yeah any ideas?

I’ve always been the one
Who’s left behind
With the box full of memories
And ever since we met
It’s been on my mind
Then I think to myself
“Ha! oh please…”

But you know….

*It would be nice to have someone to run to
Somebody who loves me as much as I love them
For who I am
And it’s be nice to have a man
Who’d actually says as he takes my hand
“I’ll never be the one to let you go
And even if I’m gone you’ll always know
You’re the only one I love  and I ain’t leaving until you tell me to go”*

I’ve always been the one
To say goodbye
Got good with keeping it out of my eyes
But every time I start
to fall (in love) again
I just think to myself
“yeah right…”


And I said “np, don’t get you hopes up
These things don’t ever last
It’ll all go by way too fast
Stop! Don’t fall for the word ‘love’
You’ll just regret you gave your heart
Cuz they gave it back broken all over again


But I’ve always been the one who’s left behind

Always the one to say goodbye



  2. is this the one you showed me? i guess i wasn't paying attention again because this is actually really good. i like the lyrics. as for the title, keep thinking.